Testimonials – The Benefits of NOVAFLOW Dispenser Technology

NOVAFLOW dispensing systems run in a wide variety of environments from ink kitchens to paint and coatings dispensaries to chemical blending facilities. NOVAFLOW systems allow our clients to dispense precise quantities of product quickly and reliably.


“Catty [Corporation] formulates all ink systems internally and utilizes a “NOVAFLOW” Ink Dispensing System. This technology enables us to dispense precise amounts of each formulation over and over again. Whether you use Pantone colors or custom colors, your ink formula is stored, re-called, and dispensed with great accuracy.”



“Color Pak also changes their ink often, as every job has its own colors. This is made possible because of the fact that they mix their own ink with the aid of an ink technician and a NOVAFLOW color mixer for color consistency.”



“NOVAFLOW assisted us in developing cylinder management software. This program allowed us to track and monitor all of our gravure cylinders. The end result being that we have gained much tighter control of the entire pre-press department. The CMS software, as we call it, has been fully integrated into the NOVAFLOW Materials Management Software package, making it a seamless program. The benefits we have realized have been enormous.”

–  Pre-press manager- internationally recognized gravure printer


“NOVAFLOW technology has provided us with the ability to effectively deal with our desire to develop a true ‘touchless’ manufacturing operation. We can now dispense a formulation, quality control it and ship it in the same container.”


–  Manufacturing manager- industrial coatings company


We approached the NOVAFLOW team with the understanding that they had no experience with polyurethane foam manufacture. By working with their engineering and IT people we were able to develop a fully automated batching process which provides a consistently repeatable batch process which releases manpower to focus on other down stream processes.”


–  Process engineer- polyurethane foam manufacturing company.


“NOVAFLOW has provided a customizable, reliable, cost-effective solution for dispensing raw materials from drum stock to pails for small batch additions. The equipment has improved productivity, safety and ergonomics through the reduction of drum handling and improved quality through batch addition accuracy. Overall they were great to work with, from design to startup."


–  Process engineer- ink jet ink manufacturing company


“Developing new ‘leading edge’ technology is critical for our long term success. One of the problems we encounter is evaluating new technology in the field. The NOVAFLOW small batch manufacturing system is ideally suited for evaluating new products prior to activating them in the field.”


–  R&D manager- internationally recognized architectural paint manufacturer.


“NOVAFLOW dispensers have helped us reduce labor costs while increasing our batch to batch consistency and throughput. The end result is we are more efficient and more profitable.”


–  President- liquid colorants company.


“Prior to automating our process our small batch process was very labor intensive and inefficient. Novaflow’s NP15 unit has dramatically reduced our turn around time and improved our batch to batch color consistency.”


–  President- paste Ink manufacturer.


“We have worked hand in hand with the NOVAFLOW team to develop a low cost dispensing system that we can utilize for remote manufacturing at client sites. I can honestly say we not only simplified our business by shipping raw materials versus finished products, we have virtually eliminated rush shipments. In addition, our color consistency on press is much better and we are now dealing with thinned ink returns efficiently. Our customers also love the flexibility it offers when last minute production schedule changes crop up. The next step for us is to utilize their new SQL web-enabled software to develop more control with our larger corporate clients operating multiple printing facilities.”

–  VP sales and marketing- international ink company.


“We have been very pleased with our decision to purchase a NOVAFLOW dispensing system. Their software definitely sets them apart from other manufacturers. In addition, their after sales technical support team has proven to be very helpful when situations arise.”

–  VP sales and marketing- privately held ink company.


“NOVAFLOW has provided us with the ability to customize hardware and software to meet new market requirements.”

–  VP national accounts- global supplier of printing inks.


“The NOVAFLOW version 11 software is extremely easy to work with, and I especially like the new ‘design module’ and new ‘e-mail ordering’ capability. It is a real time saver.”

–  Ink room manager- flexography printer.

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