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We pioneered the development of application and system software for all facets of the dispensing industry. With the introduction of the first Windows-based IntelliBlend dispensing software and Enterprise Material Management in 1992, we have continuously responded to our customers’ demands by developing and evolving all aspects of the formulation and inventory management system.

Building upon this rich foundation, we continue the tradition of using state-of-the-art system software management platforms and tolls to provide our customers with the facilities they need to complete their tasks quickly and effectively. Written from the ground up using the advanced Microsoft® NET development framework and interfaced with a Microsoft® SQL server database system, this complete package will meet all your operating requirements - both now, and for years to come.

Standard Features

All the standard functions needed to operate a full-featured manufacturing and resource planning (MRP) system are available, including:

  • Complete raw material and formulation database

  • Full inventory control

  • Estimation and batch costing reporting

  • Environmental reporting

  • Re-work / re-formulation tools

  • Multilingual interface

  • Spectrophotometer links

  • Multi-user network access

  • Data import and export capabilities

  • Data auditing/operator usage logging

  • Order Entry/Receiving module

  • Job costing and scheduling facilities

  • ISO lot traceability

  • Internet functionality

Industry Specific Features

In addition to the standard EMMS features, we have produced a wide range of software modules catering to many diverse operating environments, from small “mom and pop” print shops to large scale commercial paint manufacturing plants. A small sampling of these modules include:

  • Print design and estimation functions

  • Anilox/Gravure cylinder management

  • Retail order placing and manufacturing

  • Retail and wholesale manufacturing

Furthermore, due to the wide range of features and the ability to customized the software, operations can be tailored to work in ink, paint and coating production facilities.

Hardware Control

From small smart scale systems to fully automated dispense machinery, NOVAFLOW IntelliBlend process control software provides a consistent, flexible and easy to use operating environment. In addition to controlling the entire process, it also provides:

  • Simple production schedule showing upcoming products to be made

  • Advanced flow control algorithms to ensure fast and accurate dispensing

  • Full pause and continue operation

  • On-system stock monitoring

  • Formula preview options

  • Sampling/trialing functions

  • Reformulation capabilities

  • External systems controllability

  • Full performance/operations reporting

Custom Development Services

Chances are that the EMMS system will meet all of your needs “out of the box”. Should your business require a unique application to solve a specific problem, our dedicated in-house team of analysts, programmers and technical staff will develop a solution to meet your needs.

Existing Hardware?


NOVAFLOW software can easily adapted to control virtually all of our competitors’ systems.

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