Introducing NovaCloud

The Cloud-Based Material Management System

NovaCLOUD is a custom application designed to wirelessly interact with Novaflow’s proven material management system, using a tablet or mobile device. The Application gives customers an easy, Wi-Fi-based, portable solution for stock control and formula management.

True Mobile Stock Control

One of the major benefits of the NovaCLOUD app is it's total management of stock in all stages of production, from the creation of new inventory and warehouse management, to customer delivery and container returns. The application allows you to manage and update the information used by your dispenser while moving freely around your warehouse. When a shipment is received or a delivery is returned you can quickly update the system from whatever location is easiest.

Deliveries, returns, and inventory changes can now be processed by the touch of a button with the addition of a Bluetooth barcode scanner that works in tandem with the NovaCLOUD application.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanning

By selecting your desired option – Deliver, Return, Warehouse or Inventory – you can easily fill out the required fields using the Bluetooth scanner attached to the back of the tablet supplied by Novaflow. The scanner is located on the back of the tablet case and can be easily removed for charging or transferring to another device.

1D barcodes will fill out one field at a time by stepping through the necessary fields in each sequence. You can upgrade to a 2D barcode scanner, which will allow you to automatically complete the entire description in one scan, simplifying the process even further.

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