N20-N For small batch operations
{Non-volatile environment}

The N20-N is a cost effective system that provides fully-automated dispensing without a major capital outlay. Designed specifically for small batch operations, N20-N is ideal when producing jugs, one-gallon cans or five-gallon pails that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. A fully functioning unit installs in only a few hours. All pneumatic, electrical, and fluid connections are shipped fully connected for simple assembly. The computer, pneumatic, and electrical hardware are housed in a NEMA 4 cabinet for protection against environmental elements. Up to a maximum of 14 components can be dispensed using the exclusive, but very economical COROB dispensing valve. This electrically-integrated nozzle valve offers:

  • Extremely accurate dispensing

  • No line purging needed, saves time/ingredients

  • No-drip nozzles with re-circulation at the tip, reduces hose clogging 

  • Automatic nozzle head cleaner cuts maintenance time; operators simply perform a daily manual wipe

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