N10S - Desk software with link to weigh scale


EMMS Software:

Enterprise Material Management System (EMMS) software is available as a stand alone desktop application, giving the user access to a full-featured ERP package.


The extremely easy-to-use software is designed to manage all aspects of the manufacturing process including raw materials, formulations, costing, and inventory.

This package provides numerous reports on material usage, stock levels, ISO traceability, and environmental data.

There are many industry-specific modules to assist the end users with their specific requirements. For example, the printing industry edition adds the functionality of print design management and color work off.


The EMMS package serves as the core software platform for the entire product range.


Market Segments:


  • Printing, UV, offset, water-based, and solvent inks

  • Paints and coatings

  • Chemical batch blending

  • Plastics, PVC, and textile

N10S Desk Software with software link to a weigh scale:

This is a complete stand-alone system, consisting of a computer running the EMMS software along with an electronic weigh scale, creating a low cost, full featured manual batch blending and compounding system.

The operator simply selects the desired formulation, and the system directs the operator with feedback on how much of each component to add.

Market Segments:

  • Printing, UV, offset water-based and solvent inks

  • Paints and coatings

  • Chemical batch blending

  • Plastics, PVC, textile, and dyes

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