NOVAFLOW Product Offerings

We implemented a modular design to the entire NOVAFLOW product range. This multi-level approach offers you the ability to tailor your needs to suit your budget with the knowledge that the level of sophistication and automation can be easily expanded as your business grows.

General items:

With all of the hardware products the following notes apply:

  • Base materials can be supplied in pails, drums, various sizes of totes or pumped directly from existing bulk tanks. Manual additions can also be handled easily using NOVAFLOW batching software.

  • Design configurations can be adapted to fit the space available.

  • The batch size capability is only limited by the size and accuracy of the chosen scale(s).

  • Integration with a wide range of add-on hardware is feasible, including: color computers, printers, conveyors, bar code scanners, finished product mixers, lidding machines, labellers, etc.

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