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The Perfect Marriage

In August 2017, Novaflow Systems, Inc. was acquired by COROB of Italy with North American headquarters in Charlotte NC. Our worldleading gravimetric dispensing and ERP software technologies are now married with COROB's volumetric dispensing and mixer technology.

With COROB’s global presence, we can now access and leverage this vast sales and service network to help grow the NOVAFLOW and COROB brands worldwide and bring a market leading, comprehensive hardware and software product range to the consumer market.

27 Years of Experience

Leading the Industry with Comprehensive Expertise

We have an extensive product line to serve all segments of gravimetric fluid and paste dispensing and blending operations. Markets we serve include: paint, printing ink, packaging, coating, dye, oil, adhesive, fragrances, silicone and chemical.

We utilize a modular design approach using hardware components that are internationally recognized and trusted. Coupled with our
in-house developed software, we provide our customers with a safe, reliable and cost efficient solution geared specifically to reducing costs and improving operating efficiencies.

NOVAFLOW systems have an excellent reputation and proven track record for delivering value in dispensing equipment. NOVAFLOW customers have achieved more accurate batch manufacturing results, thus reducing waste and improving production times. In many cases, payback for a NOVAFLOW system, such as the entry level N20-W model, can be achieved within a matter of months, not years.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for your batching requirements, we have the resources and experience to help find the optimum solution for your needs.

valve N30-Rotated
N50 Container Location
N50 Full Drum Novaflow Naked
Pumps no name
sears install 047
Front L clean HR-Nova
Pull Out scale copy
Paste Bucket stand
Pan Image -LR
N40-Bucket unit
N20-LC Scale out
N20 -Fiber drums
N20-LC naked front left-LR
N10 System - all components
Front Naked  Novaflow 3
Double Stacked Bucket Stand
Main View (LR)
Counter balanace Drum Mixer
Manifold White
Valve Cluster

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